Cleanroom & ESD fabrics
Silitex is committed to producing high-quality fabrics. We serve such diverse markets such as
healthcare, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing, and auto spray
paint industries. Our fabrics allow air and moisture permeability and enhance wearer’s comfort.
Our fabrics are completely washable and thus reusable. Not only do our fabrics reduce costs,
but they also make great environmental sense.

Usage and Benefit
Contamination Control
Silitex presents 27 kinds of fabrics, a collection of reusable contamination control fabrics.
Our fabrics are created from polyester filament yarns, which provide a clean and non-linting barrier
between destructive particles and cleanroom. They offer a high degree of surface resistivity and
static decay performance.
Static Control
Silitex has engineered fabric with electrostatic dissipative properties. Our fabrics protect
sensitive equipment from damage and malfunction. A durable cotton/polyester blend protects
against wear and abrasion in workshops and labs. 
Health Care
Our product line of fluid-resistant surgical fabrics is engineered for safety. Reusable fabrics are
ideal for all applications of the medical market – surgeon’s gowns, surgical wrappers, surgical drapes,
nurses' apparel, lab coats, and aprons – where you need high-performing and non-linting fabrics.
Silitex fabrics are highly protective, comfortable, durable, and cost effective.
Our fabrics mitigate any potential risks in pharmaceutical environments. Depending on customers’
exact needs for protection level, we are committed to preventing bacterial contamination and helping
them to work in a safe pharmaceutical laboratory.
Paint Spray
Our spray room fabrics ensure that customers have fewer defects on their paint surfaces and
let them stay comfortable.
Food and beverage
Silitex has developed fabrics for the food and beverage industry. Whether your needs include
fluid resistant concerns, particulation issues, or bacterial contamination,
we have fabrics that work for you.

CleanRoom garments
Silitex has been a specialist in high-tech cleanroom and clean area garments for last over 20 years.
On continual input into garment design to meet the demands and specifications
in a cleanroom with our own made highest quality fabrics, we continue to supply garments
to reach the most critical standards and norms.

Our cleanroom garment collection provides comfortable and easy-to-maintain high-tech garments
in the micro-electronics, pharmaceutical, automotive, optical and food industries together with
outstanding wear performance for cleanroom classes 1 to 100,000.

Only the highest quality fabrics and the most up-to-date developments are used.
Six key criteria are as follows:

  - High durablity,
  - ESD performance,
  - Universal sterilsation protection(Steam-ETO-Gamma radiation)
  - Particle barrier,
  - Low linting,
  - Comfort

A special processing technique engineered by Silitex is used to prevent fraying.
Seamed, sewing threads and accessories meet the requirements of cleanroom users.
For every cleanroom application, Silitex offers the best solution.
1. The standard type
The main cause of contamination within cleanrooms is the staff. The continual renewal of
the epidermis produces dead cells which can be carriers of bacteria. Our cleanroom garments
hold these cells and other particles inside the garment and prevent contamination of the cleanroom itself.

A. Coverall
  - snap button at wrist and ankle
  - thumb-hoop
  - metal studs at the inner and outer
  - leg to attach the boots
  - elastic in the back
B. Coverall with hood
  - styled comfort fit
  - knitted polyester cuffts at the sleeves
  - knitted polyester cuffts at the leges
  - elastic in the waist
  - metal studs at the hood to attach a face mask
  - ribbon at the back to adjust the hood
C. Closed hood
  - ribbons at the bottom to avoid the hood lifting
  - elastic and buckle at the back to tighten the hood.
D. Boots with boat sole
  - closure with 2 x 1 piece plastic buckle
  - elastic at the top
  - metal studs at the sides to attach to the coverall
E. Boots with flat sole
  - closure with 2 x 2 piece plastic buckle
  - with ribbon + metal studs at the top of the boot
  - elastic at the top to tighten the boot around the calf
F. Face mask
  - with metal studs to attach to the hood
2. Garment options
The correct garment design and fit are as important in defining the performance as the fabric
properties. Silitex offers different accessories all of which provide a body cover without particle
leakage or blow-out.
2-1. Garment option for hoods and caps
  A. Metal studs as front closure
  B. Metal studs to adjust the hood
  C. Metal studs to attach the face mask
  D. Face mask
  E. Polyester ribbon at the back to adjust the hood.
  F. Polyester ribbon with the buckle at the back to adjust the hood
2-2. Garment options for coveralls
  A. Finished with knitted polyester cuffs also available in navy blue and in anti-static version
  B. Finished with metal studs(3 male and 1 female )
  C. Finished with elastic
  D. Finished with knitted polyester cuffs Also available in navy and in anti-static version
  E. Finished with metal studs (3male and 1 female)
  F. Finished with elastic Elastic in back
  G. With fixed elastic in the back
  H. With adjustable elastic in the back
  I. With elastic in the waist
2-3. Garment options for boots and overshoes
Top of the boot
  A. Elastic   B. Ribbon + studs in combination with elastic
  C. Elastic at the back and ribbons at the front
Front closure
  D. Zipper
  E. One piece metal buckle
  F. One piece plastic buckle
  G. Two piece plastic buckle Also available in gamma resistant compound
  H. Boat sole
    Dupont Hypalon Rubber sole, steam and ETO resistant.
    Excellent durability after several sterilizations
  I. Flat sole
    Dupont Hypalon Rubber sole, steam and ETO resistant.
    Excellent durability after several sterilizations

3. ESD
Silitex ESD garments have been designed and engineered to provide optimum protection
to ESD overstress discharge within the most critical areas of microelectronic component
manufacturer and assembly.
Our garments meet all recognized international standards for ESD
ESD Dust coat
  - 1 chest pocket
  - 1 inside chest pocket
  - 2 hip pocket
4.Food Procesing
Silitex Cleanarea garments are specially designed to prevent contamination of your food
products and your clean environment. We guarantee optimal hygiene and high-quality products
in a food production environment.

A. Hat finished with knitted fabric

B. Long-sleeve tunic with V-neck
    - extra protection flap
    - metal studs at the sleeve to tighten the sleeve around the wrist
C. Trousers
    - metal studs at the legs to tighten the trousers around the ankle
    - elsatic in combination with flap and metal stud
    - practical front pocket with flap and metal stud
5. CleanRoom classes
ISO cleanroom standards 14644-1 versus US FED STD 209E
celanroom standard versus EU GMP

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