Flame Retardant fabrics
An extensive range of 100% cotton and cotton-richer FR fabrics is offering advanced levels
of performance, achieved by the advantages of Silitex's continuous processing technology
with the integration of the most up-to-date FR finishing.
Each fabric batch is tested for conformity to EN standards by authoritative testing institute,

Flamesafe benefits include:
Excellent color and appearance. Superior color fastness and dimensional stability.
Soft handle quality for improved comfort and drape.
The cotton content's natural breathability and absorption unaffected by FR finishing.
Usage and benifit:
Silitex provides innovative protective fabrics for garments to protect petroleum and utility
workers, foundry men, welders, race car drivers, car and chemical industries and other
professionals working in the most dangerous environments.
It is commercially launderable and is certified to EN 470-1, 531 and 533, making a protection
against heat and flame, electric arc, static electricity(optional) and liquid chemicals.
By studying and staying on top of rapidly changing market demands, we satisfy
our customers’ requirements with materials that fit their needs more accurately,
whether the choice is driven by potential hazard or working environment.
The Main products:
(99.5% Cotton+ 0.5% Carbon , Satin, 315gr/sqm)
Ideal for garments for workers in the oil, car and chemical industries.
It is commercially launderable and is certified to EN470-1, 531 and 533.
( 24.5% Polyester+ 75% Cotton+ 0.5%Carbon, 2/2 Twill, 210gr/sqm)
Lightweight, comfortable fabric that is widely used by utility companies.
The fabric is certified to EN 470-1, 531 and 533.
(100% Cotton , Twill, 315gr/sqm)
Ensures excellent protection against thermal heat and good resistance from molten metal splash.
It is commercially launderable with low washing shrinkage. It is certified to EN 470-1, 531 and 533.
FS-4060 Orange, Yellow
( 41% Polyester + 59% Cotton, Twill, 300gr/sqm)
High spec flame retardant fabric certified to EN 470, 531 and 533. It is also certified to the high
visibility standard EN471.
A major advantage is that can also be industrially laundered at high temperatures
Hivisibility fabric

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