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High Visibility Fabrics
Silitex’s high visibility fabrics have satisfied the standards of performance for high visibility clothing.
Our outstanding luminosity and brightness of the colors – High Visibility Yellow, High Visibility Orange and
the first ever fully-accredited High Visibility Red – indicate that our fabrics exceed all relevant European norms.

An EN 471 accredited high visibility version of the products utilizes advanced fabric construction technology.
It provides additional comfort and flexibility through its 'natural' or 'mechanical' stitch. Available in
high visibility yellow, offering exceptional luminosity characteristics with performance in excess of EN norms,
our fabric has strength, durability, and the added advantage of easy-care qualities. These characteristics make
our fabrics suitable for domestic washing as well as repeated high-temperature industrial laundering.

Silitex High Visibility fabric benefits include:
Superior colour brightness and luminosity.
Improved comfort and drape.
Consistent industrial wash performance.
Extra protection from chemical splash, water and oil finish.
Effective against UV radiation.
Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.
The main products
HTW 7030 Orange (Polyester 66.6% Cotton 33.4%, twill,290gr/sqm)
A tough heavyweight fabric constructed to offer extra warmth and protection to the wearer.
It is comfortable to wear and has excellent abrasion resistance. The high visibility fabric conforms to EN 471.
HTW AT 8515 Orange (Polyester 85.5% Cotton 14.3% Carbon 0.2%, Twill,285gr/sqm)
An attractive Twill woven with Anti-static carbon yarn. It is certified to EN 471 orange,
Antistatic EN 1149-3, and available with or without fluorocarbon oil and water repellent fabric finishes.
HTW AT 6535 Orange (Polyester 65.2% Cotton 34.6% Carbon 0.2%, Twill, 230gr/sqm)
This combines the comfort of cotton with the hardwearing properties of polyester.
The fabric conforms to Hi Visibility EN 471 and Antistatic EN 1149-3.
HTW 4060 Orange (Polyester 41% Cotton 59%, Twill, 300gr/sqm)
Flamestat Satin is the ultimate multi-risk fabric. It is certified to the normal flame-retardant
standards EN 470-1, 531, and 533, as well as the Hi Visibility standard EN 471. The composition
of the fabric enables it to be laundered at low temperatures.

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